Springpad beats Evernote and why you should care

Posted by Andrew on June 21, 2010

I went on a Springpad spree today! Every day I start springpadding more and more stuff. Springpad and Evernote are at their base note taking apps for iPhones and Android devices (like my Droid), and each also have a wep app component. Springpad has a cleaner interface to me than does Evernote and it has better options for what to classify your notes as. Whether it be as a book, a movie, a shopping list, a great wine, or whatever it is Springpad does it better. So if you want a way to not forget that thing you are about to forget then you should go to and signup, or you can just download the app from the Android Market or the iPhone app store and start cruising from there.

Here is a real life example of me using Springpad: As I'm walking out the door my wife says (two weeks before her birthday), "Hey, I want the new Francine Rivers book Her Mother's Hope, for my birthday!" I'm not going to lie, I am a forgetful dude sometimes, okay a lot. I love my wife so I immediately opened up my Springpad app on my Droid, hit the plus symbol, chose "Search/Create", chose "Book", typed "Her Mother's Hope", and BOOM the first item on the list was the book. I then chose "Add This" and it immediately pulled in the book's data from Amazon with a price and an option to buy it online with one click purchasing. Done and done.

Here's to not forgetting the name of that book your wife wants or that thing you needed to buy at CVS.

Update: A few more thoughts on the two platforms: Springpad allows you to select what type of a note you are making whether it be a text Note, Task, name of a Business, a Restaurant, a Wine, a Book, a Movie, and more, while Evernote limits you to just a text note. Evernote does have two features in its favor, audio recording and making images text searchable, though neither of these was useful enough for me to continue using the app. Springpad and Evernote both have the option to share items. Springpad gives you greater flexibility over what items you share and has the ability for social interaction with shared items though the web implementation of this feature is somewhat lacking.

Update 5/7/2013: It turns out that after almost 3 years I am now a pretty huge Evernote fan. During the time gap a few things happened. Evernote improved its app on Android immensely from a usability standpoint. I then switched to being an iPhone/iPad/Macbook Air user and Evernote just works great on all of my devices. I've even started brainstorming the idea of an eBook. All that being said, I have been keeping tabs on Springpad and do check it out every once in a while as they update their app and try out new features. It's still a great tool and you should definitely keep using it if you already are.