Getting started with Evernote

Posted by Andrew on May 12, 2013

Who uses Evernote

Evernote is used by a wide variety of people because it can be adapted to many different work flows. It's great for organizing your thoughts and notes for writing a beauty blog like Glitter Geek or for going paperless in preparation for tax season. Because Evernote's goal is to allow you to store any and everything that can be digitized, it is used by people from many different professions. There are sites about how to use Evernote if you are a lawyer, a mom, Evernote has a site dedicated to teachers, there are even sites that focus on how to use Evernote if you are a physician.

Creating an account

Getting a Free Evernote account is dead simple.

  1. Go to Evernote Registration
  2. Fill in the form and Click Register
  3. Check your email and click on the Confirm Registration button/link
  4. Now you can choose to either follow a link to download a desktop app or you can click to Continue with Evernote on the web

Boom, now you are up and running with an Evernote account!

Free vs Paid

Since you are justing getting started with Evernote I would advise you to stick with the free version of Evernote until you realize the true value of the paid account. If you jump right in to the paid version of Evernote you run the risk of feeling like you aren't getting the value for your money. The one key thing that is added by the paid upgrade that could be critical for you is the PDF/document text recognition and search-ability.

Next steps

Because a large part of Evernote's value is realized when you have it installed on all your devices, I would highly recommend taking a few minutes to do just that. Download a desktop app, an iPhone/Android app, get the browser plugins. Any free app, made by Evernote, is fair game.

Seriously, go start downloading those bad boys.