Dealing With Competition

Posted by Andrew on December 5, 2010

Competition is inevitable. If you are in a job in which you never feel as though you are competing with another entity, then: 1. You are in a monopoly, and 2. Your job will eventually become exceedingly boring.

Many people think that they don't like competition or that they are not competitive people, but that is only the case until you haven't dealt with a competitive force for a while. Then once it is gone most if not all people feel as though what they are doing is just a little bit empty. But what if you are just a forerunner in your field and you are so far ahead of the others that it doesn't feel as though you have any competition. This feeling is also known as complacency. Don't think for one minute that just because you have a head start that it means that you can just coast.

Competition is one of the greatest motivators in our lives and is definitely so in our jobs. We should relish competition, prepare for it, engage it, and crush it.