Building a better, and free, Remote Jobs board

Posted by Andrew on January 25, 2019

In late 2018 I had decided to make a change in my career and was open to remote job roles (though I have ultimately landed with a great local company). So I began looking at the various ways of finding remote jobs. There are quite a few job boards dedicated to remote jobs with the most popular being We Work Remotely, however, during my search I realized that none of the remote job boards had anywhere near all of the available remote jobs. First I was a bit frustrated but then I began to wonder why this was the case.

Close to all of the remote job boards cost between $150 - $500/job/month to post a job opening with $299/job being the most common price point. This pricing makes it hard for small companies to get their jobs out in front of job seekers if they can't stomach the cost and also makes it hard for large companies like InVision or GitLab who have dozens of open remote roles to justify posting all of their jobs. This feels like a suboptimal experience for both job seekers and companies.

After discussing this with my friend, and fellow weekend hacker, Corey, we quickly decided to build the first version of RMTWRK as a Christmas Holiday side project. Our goal is for RMTWRK to be the most comprehensive resource on the internet for finding a remote job. All of the available remote jobs (yes, all), in a simple, clean interface that gives job seekers powerful tools to find a job.

RMTWRK currently has over 1,000 remote jobs that were posted in the last 30 days and we only expect this number to grow. We get jobs onto by integrating directly with existing Applicant Tracking Systems that companies use to post their jobs online and by aggregating other sources of remote jobs. Over time we plan to allow companies to directly integrate with us using their existing ATS or to post a job directly, both options will be free. To ensure consistency and quality each job that is added to the site is manually curated.

For job seekers we provide robust filtering and search tools, allowing them to filter by job categories like Software Development or Sales & Marketing or to search inside of job titles or job descriptions across all 1,000+ recently posted jobs. Additionally you can subscribe via email to "New Job Alerts" by category.

If you are a company that would like to have your jobs listed on RMTWRK, please shoot us a DM on Twitter at @rmtwrk our DMs are open.

It is free to post a job on as long as it is a legitimate remote job.

If you are a job seeker and have feedback please DM us as well!