What is Evernote?

Posted by Andrew on May 7, 2013

Evernote is an application for taking notes. It is accessible via http://evernote.com or through any of its numerous native applications for desktop and mobile devices. One of the things that makes Evernote so popular is because it is essentially device agnostic. If you own something that can get onto the internet you are pretty much guaranteed to be able to use Evernote.

What is so interesting or special about an application for taking notes, you say? My belief is that it is so very useful because it transforms notes, scribbles, and pictures containing text into a searchable database. You can see more about why I'm such a huge fan of Evernote here. So what else is Evernote? It is a tool for organizing text, images, audio and other documents. This organization is accomplished through a combination of three key components; Notebooks, Notes, and Tags. Notebooks contain Notes and a Note can have one or many Tags. A Note can only exist in one Notebook but a Tag can be attached to any Note you choose.

Evernote is essentially free and I say essentially free because for most people there will probably not be a reason to pay for the advanced features of this wonderful service. After having used Evernote for almost 3 years I finally reached a point where I felt like I wanted some of the advanced features to really kick my productivity into high gear. Don't get me wrong, the paid features are not silly, they just don't seem that necessary until you become an Evernote junky like myself. I'll be talking about these premium features in another post.

Sharing your notes from Evernote is really simple to do. By default your notes that you create are private unless you wish to share a note a which point you make it public and it get's its own url. Here you can see an example of a public Note of my own. Very basic I know, but what is cool is that if I make any changes to that note they will change on the shared website page as well. If you wanted to you could even use Evernote to write and publish blog posts, which is a whole area of discussion I'll touch on later as well.

I hope this has given you a quick idea of what Evernote is, my goal is to continue to expand on the outline I laid out, please let me know if there is anything in specific you'd like to hear about.

Next up: Getting started with Evernote